About us

A lifetime dedicated to improving the quality of table grapes is a journey that endorses us as experts in what we do.

Every day consumers demand better quality and shelf life in food products; Extending shelf life without compromising quality and safety is fundamental. For this reason, we have the mission of putting all our effort, professionalism and experience into developing high-tech solutions for the conservation and maintenance of table grapes.

Traditional solutions are still functional, but are not in accordance with the current needs of the market, which demands increased efficiency in the face of climate change, which has shown that seasonality and inclement weather make it increasingly difficult to grow products as demanding as table grapes.

We are aware of this challenge since we have been specialists in the manufacture of preservatives / sulfur dioxide (SO2) sheets for table grapes, for more than 25 years, using our knowledge and experience to design all of our products.

PROTEKU EUROPE is a Spanish company established in 2013. After several years of marketing, commercializing, and managing the Proteku brand in Europe and Africa, in representation of the world leader in table grape preservation andSO2 technology being Infruta based in Chile. As a result of this commercial cooperation and the contribution of technical know-how, together with a professional management team, the 2nd manufacturing company was formed in Spain. PROTEKU EUROPE specializes in solving the challenges of storage and transport of table grapes, as well as protecting the fruit against the Botrytis Cinerea fungus, which can develop on grapes in certain climatic conditions.

The products manufactured have high technological input. Together with our technical department we offer the elaboration of exclusive products for each client. We also deal with the creation of specific formats that fit specific needs (long storage, special sizes and/or different doses of active ingredient). We are a versatile, expert, solid and solvent company in the food packaging sector.

We currently have built new, larger and more modern facilities in accordance with production demands and current times.

We have the capacity to reach any country where our products are needed. We offer high technological and qualitative value solutions for the conservation of table grapes, together with expert advice, so our clients can be completely secure in their usage of the products.