Infruta, with the challenge of giving added value to waste


Working together with a company specialized in ‘upcycling’ has allowed Infruta to use the recycling produced from the manufacture of ‘PROTEKU Grape Guards SO2 Generators’ to turn them into products that can be reused by people.

Small and big steps are the ones that define the identity of a company. And in the 20 years that it has been present in the market, Infruta has been tracing a path of permanent innovation in terms of the different processes that have been implemented within the company and also the product lines that have been developed, and that have Positioned as the leading company in the world market for SO2 Generators, which today are used by the main table grape producing and exporting companies on the planet.

This global recognition has not been a coincidence, quite the contrary. It is the result of the permanent effort to develop the best products that meet the needs of the industry. Likewise, and in tune with sustainability, Infruta has decided to go one step further and commit to everything that happens in the world. “We want to be part of the change,” says Katerina Maldonado, the company’s Marketing Manager. “We understand that resources are not unlimited and that it is our duty to minimize the waste that we are pouring onto the planet,” she adds, about a problem that is not just for some, but for everyone.

“It is our responsibility to generate changes to live in a better world. It is for this reason that sustainability and the circular economy for Infruta are objectives that we have imposed as a strategic vision, where the use and good management of resources is a priority”, says Ricardo Maldonado, Commercial Director of Infruta.


The firm had already started using partially recycled materials some time ago, although restless and committed to sustainability, they are currently using the recycling produced from the manufacturing operation of ‘PROTEKU Grape Guards SO2 Generators’ to turn them into products that can be reused. by people.

“Just recycling is no longer enough,” says Katerina Maldonado. And that is why they have been working with a Chilean company specialized in ‘upcycling’ (an English term that comes from the combination of two words: ‘upgrade’ (update) and ‘recycling’, which means creating new products and Greater value from recycled materials.